Academic work

I’m interested in how we find and make meaning in our lives, and especially in those moments where our self-image gets punctured in revelatory ways. That’s led me to think about existential anxiety, human animality, and play, among other things. I draw inspiration from a wide range of philosophers, and I have a particular interest in Wittgenstein and Heidegger.


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The Pursuit of an Authentic Philosophy: Wittgenstein, Heidegger, and the Everyday (Oxford University Press, 2019) (publisher site) (book abstract) (book introduction) (Review in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews)

Wittgenstein and Heidegger, co-edited with Stephen Reynolds and Aaron James Wendland (Routledge 2013) (publisher site)


Rule Following, Anxiety, and Authenticity. Mind 130:518, 567–93.

Wittgenstein’s Confessions: Reading Philosophical Investigations with St. Augustine. The Heythrop Journal 62, 25–38

Rehabilitating Austin, Reassessing Grice: The Case of Cancellability. Archiv für die Geschichte der Philosophie 100:4, 469–90 (2018)

Literature and Thought Experiments. Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 74:2, 139–50 (2016)

The Authenticity of the Ordinary. In Egan, Reynolds, and Wendland (eds.), Wittgenstein and Heidegger, 66–81 (2013)

Playing Well: Wittgenstein’s Language-Games and the Ethics of Discourse. In Ryall, Russell, and MacLean (eds.), The Philosophy of Play, 54-63 (2013)

Das Man and Distantiality in Being and Time. Inquiry 55:3, 289–306 (2012)

Pictures in Wittgenstein’s Later Philosophy. Philosophical Investigations 34:1, 55–76 (2011)

Philosophical writing for a non-specialist audience

University teaching

Outer Coast (2020–21): Games, Play, and Philosophy • Philosophy as a Way of Life • Humans and Other Animals

Kwantlen Polytechnic University (2021): Critical Thinking

Hunter College (CUNY) (2017–19): Introduction to Philosophy • Existentialism • Aesthetics • Games, Play, and Philosophy • Philosophy, Literature, and Life • 20th Century Philosophy • Wittgenstein • Heidegger • Humans and Other Animals

University of Chicago (2013–17): Human Being and Citizen • The Philosophy of Games and Play

Oxford University (2007–11 and 2012–13): General Philosophy • Early Modern Philosophy • Post-Kantian Philosophy • Later Wittgenstein • Aesthetics • Frege, Russell, Early Wittgenstein • Wittgenstein and Heidegger

McMaster University (2012): Technology & Society II

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