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I enjoy teaching, and consider it an essential complement to my research. I have taught in a range of settings, from Oxford’s tutorial system, to undergraduate seminars at the University of Chicago, to a larger and more diverse group of students at Hunter College (CUNY). I adapt my teaching methods to the needs of each class—based on its size, the background of the students, and the subject matter—and draw on tools as ancient as the Socratic elenchus and as modern as the smartphone. I was invited to write a guest post on the Philosophers’ Cocoon about my innovative methods in teaching Aesthetics.

My training as an actor and improviser enable me to communicate vividly and adapt flexibly to the flow of a discussion and my enthusiasm for teaching has translated into excellent responses from my students. In the most recent year at Hunter, I received an overall rating of “Excellent” or “Outstanding” from over 90% of my students. I make an effort to make my classes inclusive and welcoming to students from a range of backgrounds. Both my introductory course and my course in Aesthetics aimed to reflect the diversity of Hunter’s student body by drawing significantly on work from outside the Western philosophical tradition. I also take care to ensure that female philosophers are well represented on my syllabi.


Outer Coast

Fall 2020: Humans and Other Animals

Hunter College (CUNY)

Fall 2019: Existentialism; Introduction to Philosophy

Spring 2019: Aesthetics; Introduction to Philosophy

Fall 2018: Games, Play, and Philosophy; Philosophy, Literature, and Life; Twentieth-Century Philosophy

Spring 2018: Introduction to Philosophy; Philosophy, Literature, and Life; Wittgenstein

Fall 2018: Humans and Other Animals; Heidegger; Twentieth-Century Philosophy

University of Chicago

Spring 2017: The Philosophy of Games and Play 

2013–17: Human Being and Citizen (year-long seminar covering major works in Western philosophy and literature)

Oxford Tutorials

2012–13: General Philosophy; Early Modern Philosophy; Post-Kantian Philosophy; Later Wittgenstein; Aesthetics

2010: Later Wittgenstein; Frege, Russell, Early Wittgenstein

2009: Schopenhauer and Nietzsche; General Philosophy; Wittgenstein and Heidegger

McMaster University

Winter 2012: Technology & Society II (interdisciplinary animal studies)

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