Since earning my DPhil (PhD) in philosophy at the University of Oxford in 2012, I have worked and taught at McMaster University, Christ Church, Oxford, the University of Chicago’s Society of Fellows, and Hunter College (CUNY). This autumn I am teaching at Outer Coast in Sitka, Alaska, and teaching philosophy to the general public online.

My research touches on topics in twentieth century philosophy (I work on both analytic and continental philosophy and have a particular interest in Wittgenstein and Heidegger), aesthetics, ethics, the history of philosophy, and, increasingly, Buddhist philosophy. This diverse range of interests is unified by an interest in how we find and make meaning in our lives, and the image of ourselves that becomes manifest in this meaning-making activity. I’m especially interested in the moments where that self-image gets punctured and what those moments teach us about the possibility of human flourishing.

I was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, and have dual Canadian-Irish citizenship. As an adult, I’ve lived in Canada, the United States, England, and Germany. I’m fluent in French and German, and have some knowledge of Russian as well. Growing up in Vancouver gave me a deep love for mountains, oceans, and forests, and leaving Vancouver gave me a deep love for travel. The photos you see on this website come from trips as local as Vancouver’s English Bay and as far-flung as Iran.

You can read about my research and other activities on this site. I also have a page on academia.edu.

Feel free to e-mail me at davidegan-at-gmail-dot-com.