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Wittgenstein describes his philosophical method as providing “objects of comparison” (Philosophical Investigations §§130, 131). Instead of approaching a problem frontally, Wittgenstein offers a scenario that prompts us to see the matter differently. He works not to solve the problem but to transform our understanding of what the problem is. This seems like a good description of what blogging is for: not to pin down the truth but to offer up a few thoughts that might help us see a matter differently.

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Newsletter: September 2021

Hello everyone, and greetings from Sitka, Alaska. I’m approaching the three-week mark of a four-month stay here, where I’m teaching at a young institution called Outer Coast, whose mission (inspired by Deep Springs College in California) is to provide a holistic education that includes academics, service, labour, and self-governance, with a strong connection to place. […]

Newsletter: August 2021

Hello everyone. If all goes according to plan, you’ll be receiving this monthly newsletter on the first of the month as usual, at which time I should be walking along the beach of the Tatchu Peninsula on Vancouver Island. I’m writing this on Wednesday, July 28th. Tomorrow morning, my friend Paul and I drive out to […]

Newsletter: July 2021

Hello everyone. Welcome to the month of July! The first day of July is also Canada Day, marking the anniversary of Canadian Confederation in 1867. Festivities this year are a bit muted on account of recent revelations about mass graves of indigenous children on the sites of former residential schools. The residential school system, which only […]

Newsletter: June 2021

Welcome to the month of June! I’m celebrating the first of the month by diving into the second week of classes on the philosophy of love and friendship, where we’re wrapping up our discussion of Plato’s Symposium. Are we persuaded by the vision Socrates claims to have received from a mysterious woman according to which […]


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