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Wittgenstein describes his philosophical method as providing “objects of comparison” (Philosophical Investigations §§130, 131). Instead of approaching a problem frontally, Wittgenstein offers a scenario that prompts us to see the matter differently. He works not to solve the problem but to transform our understanding of what the problem is. This seems like a good description of what blogging is for: not to pin down the truth but to offer up a few thoughts that might help us see a matter differently.

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Newsletter: February 2021

Hello everyone, It’s been exactly a month since I sent out my last monthly newsletter. Is this a coincidence? Or could there be a pattern here? David Hume has an elegant and confounding argument whose conclusion is that we are never rationally justified in making predictions about future events based on past regularities. So don’t get […]

Newsletter: January 2021

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m writing to you from Galiano Island, British Columbia, which has a damp, quiet beauty in the winter months. Christmas morning was merely cloudy so I went on a hike up Mount Galiano. From the summit I could see someone doing donuts in a boat below, which from my vantage point left […]

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