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Unit 1: Plato: Doing wrong is worse than being wronged Preview Unit 2: Zhuangzi: Relativizing rights and wrongs Unit 3: The Milindapañha: There is no self Unit 4: Ibn Tufayl: The discovery of God Unit 5: David Hume: Causation isn’t real Unit 6: Friedrich Nietzsche: Master morality and slave morality Unit 7: Peter Singer: The drowning child Unit 8: Amia Srinivasan: The right to sex Unit 9: Myisha Cherry: The case for rage Unit 10: Nick Bostrom: Are we living in a simulation?

General Resources

Online Encyclopedias (that are better than Wikipedia!):

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy both have a wide range of articles, touching on some of the material in this course.

Other online resources:

BBC’s In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg touches on a wide range of topics, including some great episodes on philosophy. Philosophy Bites has a wide range of offerings, including some that are pertinent to this course. The Overthink Podcast covers a range of topics in a lively and accessible way. Another excellent philosophy podcast, more focused on contemporary issues, is Hi Phi Nation. And Wi-Phi, aka Wireless Philosophy, has animated introductory lectures on a range of topics from expert philosophers. Peter Adamson’s History of Philosophy podcast is probably my favourite philosophy podcast. So far they’ve got as far as the Renaissance and have additional series on Indian and Africana philosophy. Lastly, you can get a digest view of a lot of different philosophical topics at the 1000-word philosophy page.