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Newsletter: September 2022

If I was to teach in a prison, I asked myself, what’s a topic on which I stand to learn as much from my students as they stand to learn from me? The answer announced itself at once: freedom.

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Newsletter: August 2022

Better to drop your grand ambitions and just take things as they come, says Zhuangzi. Don’t fuss so much over life and life won’t stir up a fuss for you.

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Newsletter: July 2022

So what is a country? I’ve put this question to students. What would be required, I ask, for us to establish the classroom as an independent state?

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Newsletter: June 2022

Which stories we tell, and how we tell them, goes a long way toward articulating who we are and how we understand ourselves.

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Newsletter: May 2022

Sages and mystics of many stripes have claimed that the secret to life lies in hidden in some unexpected place. An equation from probability theory devised by an eighteenth-century statistician is certainly not the least unusual.

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