Newsletter: June 2021

Welcome to the month of June! I’m celebrating the first of the month by diving into the second week of classes on the philosophy of love and friendship, where we’re wrapping up our discussion of Plato’s Symposium. Are we persuaded by the vision Socrates claims to have received from a mysterious woman according to which […]

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Newsletter: May 2021

Hello everyone. It’s been quiet over here in the world of online philosophy for the past month but things are starting to buzz again. A week ago I announced this summer’s course on The Philosophy of Love and Friendship, starting in late May. If you haven’t already, you can register your interest here. I’m finalizing the […]

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Newsletter: April 2021

Hello everyone. Spring is springing and over here in the world of online philosophy teaching, winter classes are wrapping up. Monday saw the conclusion of “‘Know Thyself’: Knowledge and Self-Knowledge in Philosophy and Literature,” where we spent the final weeks discussing the ethical value of literature and contending with contemporary scholars Noël Carroll, Martha Nussbaum, and […]

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