Newsletter: March 2023

Plato, Plotinus, and the rest saw philosophical argument and investigation as one part—granted, a central part—of a broader way of life that was essentially mystical and spiritual in its outlook.

Newsletter: January 2023

Starting with Plato, philosophy has systematically marginalized both literature and animals as beneath the dignity that philosophy has established for humankind.

Newsletter: January 2022

It’s as if Plato were proposing a wholesale ban on Hollywood, Netflix, the publishing industry, and pop music—and that’s just for starters.

Newsletter: April 2021

UNESCO has marked the third Thursday in November as World Philosophy Day but it might have been more apt to set it for April Fools’ Day.

Newsletter: February 2021

Are philosophers also good lovers? Plato, ever the booster for philosophy, claims that philosophers are really the only true lovers.